How my leading betting systems is going

About a week ago, I decided to start a new betting system that seemed very promising and I have already made my first bets on it. In the following lines, I will describe its first results.

The core of this betting system is about searching for matches with a high chance of finishing in a tie and breaking the bet for these matches in two – one part ofbetting-systems the bet goes for a draw and the other part goes to an odd number of goals scored in the match.

Thus covering all possible outcomes where the win goes to one of the teams by one goal. The system is also winning when we have a draw in the match.

The losers are only when one of the teams wins with margin of 2, 4, 6 and so on.

201209231258467167774-p2Of course, the disadvantage of this system is the fact that it gives much less revenue and therefore we need over 70% success rate to gain some profit, but it does not seem quite impossible.

What are the first results? I played five matches in the English Premier League. Of these, four were winning bets and only the match between Chelsea and Aston Villa was unsuccessful because of Ramirez’s goal in the 93rd minute, which made the result 8:0.

What kind of conclusions can I make for this betting system? First, this is a great option for dealing with low odds for fewer than 2.5 goals. If you have such a match and wonder whether to play it because of its low odds, then you can still make a safe bet in that way.

On the other hand, this is a good option to play against the big favourites when they have a match against the middle table teams. It is clear that they can win, but there are some options where they cannot. This betting system gives you an excellent opportunity to bet. Moreover, the higher the odds for the draw are, the greater opportunities for profit the betting system gives because it increases the stakes for odd goals.